About Refinance Title

Refinance Title offers the following advantages to lenders, both in competing for new business and in keeping current clients satisfied:

  • Fast and Accurate GFE: You can quickly send potential clients a GFE with confidence, knowing that our flat closing fee will not change.

  • Focus on Reissue Credit: When you can quote lower costs, it is easier to get business.  We will make every effort to find your client’s prior policy of title insurance and give them reissue credit.

  • Commitments in 48 Hours or Less: When you place an order, you want a commitment back fast.  We return commitments within 48 hours, and can generally get them same day if requested.

  • Value Added Services: You – and your clients – get more services for your title dollar.

    • reQuire Release Tracking: Included in our closing fee is access to reQuire, a company that ensures that liens are released when paid, making future refinances – your repeat business – fast and easy.  In addition, reQuire allows us to quickly clear many troublesome liens which might under normal circumstances delay closing.

    • Digital Closing Docs:  Also included in our closing fee is a digital copy of the client’s closing documents.  The web-based platform containing the documents will notify the lender each time it is accessed – important for knowing when your clients may be thinking about refinancing.
  • Fast Recording: Delays in recording releases and deeds of trust are a problem for homeowners, lenders and title companies.  We will record the release and your new deed of trust as soon as possible, usually on the day of funding.

  • Convenient Closings: Your title company must be ready to close your loan when you and your client are.  We are staffed to provide convenient closings on tight timeframes anywhere in the state of Tennessee.